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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold Table Games (Games Global)

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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold Table Games  (Games Global)

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold Table Games (Games Global)

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The ever-so-elusive single deck blackjack game, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold uses all of Microgaming’s famous features on top of having great payouts. With over 40 blackjack games in its lobbies, Microgaming features only 4 total games with just one deck, and these games require a completely different approach.

As far as the rules go, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold isn’t quite the All-American hold card game the name initially makes it out to be: Doubling Down can only occur when the two initially dealt cards have a hard total of 9,10, and 11. No restrictions

Splitting is allowed once, and Aces are allowed to do it. While other split cards will receive the amount of cards they needed, Aces will only be given one card each.

Dealer will always check for a blackjack and will hit a soft 17.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold upgrades your experience for its standard edition with a more realistic table angle, smooth animation (keep your eyes on the chips), and extremely fast play.

Nearly everything about this game is customizable-from the speed of the game playing to the table sounds to the type of strategy you’d like to use. With the autoplay feature, you can even play the game with your eyes closed!

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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold from Microgaming is one of the best blackjack games on the market. The game stands out because the house edge is significantly reduced compared to other blackjack titles and more favorable to players due to the single deck of cards. The game also features Microgaming's Vegas style rules; including the ability to double on any first two cards, split up to three times and place insurance bets. Additionally, the game offers special features such as the ability to Resplit Aces which more traditional blackjack titles do not offer. The game also offers a realistic virtual casino experience, making the player feel as if they are playing in the real thing. Player can choose from a variety of betting limits and practice with free money before playing for real. This makes it a great choice for any blackjack fan looking for a real, authentic Vegas-style experience.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold is an online casino game powered by Microgaming. It is a classic game of blackjack, designed to evoke the classic Vegas atmosphere. The game features a single 52-card deck and can accommodate up to five players at once. All players must make their initial bet before being dealt their cards. After examining their cards, players may choose to hit, stand, double down, split, or even take insurance. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible, without going over. Players are also able to take advantage of side bets for additional chances to win. Those who manage to get a blackjack (an Ace and a 10-valued card) are paid at 3:2 odds. The game has a house edge of 0.48%.

  • What are the rules and payout odds for playing Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold?
    The rules and payout odds vary by casino, so it is best to check with the specific casino you are playing at to get the most accurate information. Generally, however, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold is played with one deck of cards that is reshuffled after every round. The dealer will hit on a Soft 17 (Ace-6) and will stand on all other totals. The player may not split or double down, but can surrender if allowed by the house. Bets must be even-money, meaning 1:1. Payouts in Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold typically range from 1:1 for a win to 3:2 for a blackjack. Insurance pays 2:1, and if the dealer has a blackjack and the player’s first two cards are Ace-Ace, the player will be paid 2:1 for the split.
  • How do the bonus features of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold enhance gameplay?
    The bonus features of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold enhance gameplay by providing players with additional opportunities to win. Players can opt for a side bet option which can pay out higher than the standard payout; there is a Dealer Hole Card feature which gives players the chance to peek at the dealer’s hole card; player’s can split up to three hands; and there is also a re-bet option which allows players to repeat their previous wager. These bonus features give players more control over how they approach the game, increasing the chances of a win.
  • What strategies can be used to improve the chances of winning at Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold?
    1. Always hit on a soft 17 or less. This is known as the basic strategy for this game, and it gives the player the best chance to win. 2. Have a bankroll of at least 40x the size of your minimum bet. This is important because it gives the player a buffer if they run into a bad streak. The larger the bankroll, the more likely it is that the player will have the financial reserves to stay in the game. 3. Bet the table minimum when starting out. Start low and bet one unit then increase when the player makes a few winning hands. 4. Learn the basics of card counting. While single-deck games are more suitable for card counting, it’s still a viable option to gain an advantage over the casino. 5. Stick to your strategy. Don’t get distracted by a hot streak and start getting adventurous. Stick to the basic strategy rules and the player will reap the long-term rewards. 6. Take advantage of the bonuses and promotions. Many casinos in Las Vegas offer bonuses or promotions for single deck blackjack players. Take advantage when possible.
  • What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts for Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold?
    The minimum bet amount for Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold is $1, and the maximum bet amount is $200.
  • Does Microgaming offer any promotions or bonus rounds for playing Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold?
    Yes, Microgaming has a number of promotions and bonus rounds available for playing Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold. These include double rewards points, special weekend promotions, and additional bonus chips to wager with.

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