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Blackjack Table Games (Microgaming)

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Blackjack Table Games  (Microgaming)

Blackjack Table Games (Microgaming)

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Multi-Hand European Blackjack Gold Series offers the same sophistication and style as the single hand Blackjacks; however providing you with the option to play a maximum of 5 hands as opposed to 1.

Multi-Hand European Blackjack Gold Series is payed with two standard packs without jokers by the European rules. It is allowed to stake on from one to five boxes.

How to Play Multi-Hand European Blackjack Gold Series:

• The dealer takes one card and puts it face-down.
• The dealer stops at any seventeen.
• It is allowed to take up to nine extra cards. In case of no bust in eleven cards at the box, it plays automatically.
• It is possible to split once.
• Only the same value cards are allowed to be split (two nines, two jacks and etc.).
• Ace and any card of ten points value at the box made by results of split is not considered as blackjack and works like twenty one.
• Double can be made only at hard 9, 10 or 11 points.
• Double is impossible after split.
• There is blackjack insurance in case of ace in dealer’s hand.
• There is no surrender here.
• The standard winning box of «Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold» is paid as 1:1, blackjack - 3:2, insurance - 2:1.

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