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    Jokers Wild - 25 Line Poker (Multislot) video-poker (Multislot)

    Jokers Wild - 25 Line Poker (Multislot) video-poker (Multislot)

    4/5 (805)
    25 Line Jokers Wild video poker offers 4000 coins on Natural Royal wins. You can spread the wealth 25 times over to see the results instantly.

    When you have 25 hands that can become winning combos, that kind of risk is always a better. Here the game is simplified for total stakes played.

    Use from 1-5 coins that have just 2 values. Either 10 cents or 25 cents is balanced per coin over the whole bet placed. Of course the better pay is when 5 coins are used in each hand. The main hand you can choose the card to keep or discard. An automatic selection is drawn for the rest of the 24 hands above your main hand.

    Anything forming a win is calculated toward the final amount won. Just like the name says, anything with the Jokers is wild. Pairs can become a substitute when these jolly guys help in a winning hand. Just hope for that Natural Royal to show up sometime!

    Join 25 Line Jokers Wild now and try your luck to get 4000 coins for a natural royal win! Good Luck.

    Your feedback about Multislot`s Jokers Wild - 25 Line poker game would help us making Turks&CaicosGames more interesting and useful for our customers, so please rate this game. Your opinion is very valuable to us!
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    Jokers Wild - 25 Line Poker (Multislot) video-poker (Multislot)

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