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    Pai Gow Poker Video Poker (Multislot) video-poker (Multislot)

    Pai Gow Poker Video Poker (Multislot) video-poker (Multislot)

    4/5 (980)
    Pai Gow Poker is a little bit like poker except the odds are a little bit better. As long as you build a strong hand, any hand in Pai Gow Poker can win over the dealer.

    How to Play Pai Gow Poker

    Over a seven card draw, you can pick the best from the five for your strong hand. The two cards in front are the best left over. Any game starts with your Ante.

    There is a button called ‘Houseway’ which makes the card selection much easier. If you have never played before, this helpful bonus often selects the strong hand for you.

    Most times it pays even money, while others it can pay nearly 2x the amount for a top win. If you hand holds a Joker, this is always helpful as this works as the ace in the deck or possible to complete hands such as a straight or flush. Build a hand just like poker and easy wins can follow. Have fun!

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    Pai Gow Poker Video Poker (Multislot) video-poker (Multislot)

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