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    Jacks or Better Poker (Microgaming) video-poker (Microgaming)

    Jacks or Better Poker (Microgaming) video-poker (Microgaming)

    4/5 (636)
    Jacks or Better Poker is a rather standard, straightforward poker variation that is designed by Microgaming, the "head honcho" in terms of online gaming software in the world. It is simple enough that anyone can play it, as it pays off on a pair only if that pair is jacks or better, and otherwise resembles any standard version of the game.

    Jacks or Better video poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, with no wild cards. The cards are shuffled before each and every deal, and so they come out randomly. When it comes to beginning play, you click "Deal" to get the cards. Now here's where you can go one of two ways. You can choose to do the process automatically, which comes through AutoPlay, which will make your decisions for you according to a mathematically-sound strategy and stop whenever you want (e.g., after jackpot is own, after exceeding pre-set win figures, after any win, etc.). Or, you can just play all the hands yourself manually. 

    After a winning hand, you can seek to double your win by engaging in a "showdown" with the dealer. There are five cards dealt onto the screen - four of them face-down, which represents a choice for the player, and one card face-up, which is the dealer's card. You pick one of the face-down cards and if it is of a higher value than the dealer's face-down card, the win is doubled. You can select to double again, or quit and collect.

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    Jacks or Better Poker (Microgaming) video-poker (Microgaming)

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