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    Bonus Poker Table (Microgaming) video-poker (Microgaming)

    Bonus Poker Table (Microgaming) video-poker (Microgaming)

    4/5 (542)
    Bonus Poker by Microgaming is a fun version of video poker with added payouts for Four of a Kind. Standard poker hands which contain Jacks or better are the basis for all the payouts in the game. A player who makes a Royal Flush will win a jackpot of 4000 coins.

    Bonus Poker uses a standard 52-card deck of cards with no Jokers or other Wild cards. The aim is to collect the highest possible paid combination, with the minimum for a payout being a Jacks or Better hand (a pair of Jacks or higher cards). After a bet is placed, players hit the Deal button, positioned in the bottom of the screen, and 5 cards are dealt. There is an option to hold any chosen card by clicking on it or to discard it. When players click the Draw button, they receive new cards in place of the discarded ones.

    If a winning hand is formed, players are awarded the corresponding prize according to the pay table. It can be seen in the top half of the screen, right above the cards which are in the center.

    To make the game more entertaining, developers at Microgaming have added a Double option which is available after a winning hand is hit. Players have the option to collect their win or gamble it in a mini-game which opens in a second screen. The dealer is given one exposed card, while the player has to pick 1 of 4 face-down cards and it needs to be higher than the dealer’s. If it is, the winning is doubled.

    While this feature is optional, the pay table contains a few specific payouts that should be taken into consideration. Unlike standard video poker, Bonus Poker offers 3 payouts for Four of a Kind hands – 4 Aces pay 80 coins on a 1-coin bet, while the payout for 4 Twos, Threes, or Fours is 40 coins. The lowest pay of 25 coins is given for a Four of Kind hand that consists of cards from Fives through Kings.

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    Bonus Poker Table (Microgaming) video-poker (Microgaming)

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