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    Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition Game (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition Game (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    4/5 (600)
    "Roulette Diamond Edition is a fun and exciting casino game that produces its outcome on the spin of a wheel – but there are major differences between playing online roulette and playing roulette in a land-based casino.

    Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition is a European roulette game with 37 pockets to its wheel. You will find a single zero and the numbers 1 to 36 present. There is one betting table and this is where you place your bets. The roulette wheel is to the top half of your screen and the betting table to the lower half. To the left will show you the history of the spins and to the right shows you all the player bets and a chat facility. All of the chips are situated to the bottom of your screen along with your balance. To the left and right of the betting table you will find four section in total; these are virtual seats at the table and will show you if they are free to accept new players or full.

    Microgaming have put a lot of effort into the design of this game, as it features a chat feature to keep things social, a 3D wheel zoom and an autoplay feature – so if you are busy in conversation you won’t have to worry about missing the next spin. Player control is the main focus of the game with the ability to choose between 20, 40 and 60 second spins. If you love the fast and furious style of gameplay, you can choose 20 seconds – but if you like things to be calm and collected, you can choose to wait a minute between spins. Try out the Roulette Diamond Edition game and enjoy the great game-play with this super roulette version.
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    Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition Game (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

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