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    Multi-Hand Blackjack table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    Multi-Hand Blackjack table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    5/5 (482)
    Multi-Hand Blackjack offers the same sophistication and style as the single hand Blackjacks; however providing you with the option to play a maximum of 5 hands as opposed to 1.

    You can change the number of hands played at any time by clicking the clear button and placing new bets.

    Multi-Hand Blackjack Basic Rules:

    • 5 decks are used and shuffled after each hand.
    • The dealer deals your two cards face up but their hand is dealt one card face up. Second card is dealt after all hands are complete.
    • The dealer must stand on all 17 point hands (hard and soft).
    • You can double on any first 2 cards and you can split same cards.
    • Aces can only be split once.
    • If you split on Aces, you will only be dealt one card to each Ace
    • Blackjack pays 3:2
    • Double allowed on 9, 10, and 11.
    • All ties are a push

    Your feedback about Microgaming`s Multi-Hand Blackjack would help us making Turks&CaicosGames more interesting and useful for our customers, so please rate this game. Your opinion is very valuable to us!
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    Multi-Hand Blackjack table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

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