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    French Roulette Table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    French Roulette Table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    4/5 (741)
    The French Roulette wheel has 36 numbers and a single zero. It was introduced in the late 18th century and is found all over Europe including the world famous Monte Carlo. Many of the bets have French names and there are a range of special wagers known as call bets.

    Roulette fans will appreciate the special features provided by French Roulette from Microgaming, including the single zero, “La Partage,” and several different kinds of bets. La Partage (which translates as “the share”) is very advantageous to players because it can cut their losses in half when the ball stops at the zero. The various types of bets include both inside and outside bets.

    Inside bets are wagers on either individual numbers or small groups of from 2 to 6 numbers. These have higher odds and also higher payouts. Outside bets apply to larger groups of numbers or colors (one example is Line bets, on a whole column of numbers on the Outside betting table) and can even be as general as Odds or Evens, or Reds or Blacks. The larger the group, the lower the odds involved. The Roulette pay table is a list of all the different kinds of inside and outside bets, with their odds and payouts.

    Microgaming’s online edition of this Roulette game is clear and simply laid out, yet very attractive and pleasant to play.

    Your feedback about Microgaming`s French Roulette would help us making Turks&CaicosGames more interesting and useful for our customers, so please rate this game. Your opinion is very valuable to us!
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    French Roulette Table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

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