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    Ninja Magic Slots (Microgaming) slot (Microgaming)

    Ninja Magic Slots (Microgaming) slot (Microgaming)

    4/5 (203)
    Microgaming is delivering an outstanding performance once again, with the debut of an exciting online slot, Ninja Magic! Based on a popular game engine, this 5 x 3 Reel, 40 Line game captures all the fun!

    Ninja Magic is inspired by Japanese themes. Image secret agent wrapped in black and mixed with hot secrets that are hidden in the shadows and throws darts will bring out a vivid imagination with every player.

    Team up with this Ninja Duo to guide you through the Bonus Temple of Great Fortune. Vanquish the mystical Giant Bugs for a bounty of up to 40 FREE SPINS and 8X MULTIPLIER!

    Target the WILD symbols for greater odds of winning, and land at least three SCATTER symbols to strike it rich!

    Spin the reels and wait in anticipation for three or more Bonus Temple symbols to land.

    Swiftly unleash spells against the ghastly Creatures and reclaim the Great Fortune from within the Temple!

    Each encounter and defeat summons extra FREE SPINS and MULTIPLIERS as the Ninjas fight towards your final Magical FREE SPINS Victory.

    Fight off the giant creatures and enter Free Spins Arena, unleash the magical power within the ninjas to defeat your foes, travel to the Bonus Temple to unlock your fortune, harness the power of the magical ninjas, find the secret combination to enter the Bonus Temple of Great Fortune - it is all about the Ninja Magic!

    Unite with Ninja duo who will guide you through the bonus Temple. Beat the big mysterious insects and win up to 40 Free Spins and eight times magnification gains! Target symbols joker who will bring you a greater chance for gains and to at least 3 scatter symbols that will take you on an unforgettable journey. Quick release spells of dead-creatures and win a lot of wealth in the temple! Any confrontation and victory brings free rotation and duplication gains!

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    Ninja Magic Slots (Microgaming) slot (Microgaming)

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