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    Six Shooter Looter Gold Arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

    Six Shooter Looter Gold Arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

    5/5 (606)
    The game is a very easy one to follow, and there's nothing too complicated here at all. The player takes the role of a cowboy who is on his way to his local bank where all his money is kept, however he must overcome various obstacles along his windy path. Sure some of the natives appear to be friendly, but once he navigates his way past the village, he finds that his regular route is blocked by a gorge.

    To negotiate around a fence he has to follow the rail tracks, as it's the only route that he can take. If the player helps him round the obstacles and the bandit who's waiting to shoot him, a 25,000 X multiplier jackpot is up for grabs!

    To get started playing the game, one first has to select their stake. This can start for as little as $0.50 a play up to a maximum of $10 a game. The cowboy follows a path consisting of three different types of spaces including blue circled safety zones, which allow him to continue his 8 dice spin journey.

    If he lands on the red circle zones, he will meet with an untimely death, but once passed the gold coins strewn along the way the player collects cash prizes, just for advancing towards the bank. Get to the bank in 8 spins and the Six Shooter Looter Gold Jackpot of 25,000 X the stake awaits. Try it today for free, it's guaranteed to entertain!
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    Six Shooter Looter Gold Arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

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