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    Crown and Anchor arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

    Crown and Anchor arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

    5/5 (363)
    Crown and Anchor is a virtual dice game based on the traditional gambling game popular among seafarers. It entails a straightforward action of placing bets on a symbol or symbols that would likely match the outcome of a three-die roll.

    The aim of the game is to predict the winning symbols and get payouts, making a bet on the corresponding fields. The rules for Crown and Anchor allow placing wagers on several fields.

    The player places bets on one or more fields and rolls the dice. If symbols appear on their faces on which the customer has wagered, he or she receives a payout according to the established multipliers. Then a new round starts. The payout amount in Crown and Anchor depends on the bet size and the number of matches. If the symbol on which you have wagered has come up just on one of two dice, this bet is paid 1:1. When it comes up on the faces of both dice, the multiplier is 2:1. If it appears on three dice, the prize is paid according to the 3:1 ratio. Payouts for all winning bets are made in the same way. Then they are summarized.

    Crown and Anchor is a simple yet surprisingly entertaining nautical-themed dice game. Give it a try! 

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    Crown and Anchor arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

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