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    Bunny Boiler Arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

    Bunny Boiler Arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

    4/5 (975)
    Bunny Boiler is a fun instant win game that takes you on an epic adventure through a maze filled with prizes and booby traps! Bunny Boiler has great animation, cute graphics and fun sound effects.

    In the Bunny Boiler instant game, you have to help a little bunny get through his underground tunnels to reach his nest. The problem is that a hunter has placed dangerous obstacles and booby traps in the way. The bunny has only 6 chances to make it to the nest where his safety and your jackpot prize await!

    If the bunny lands on a carrot, then he can safely wait for your next roll. Teleportation spaces allow the bunny to skip ahead to the next matching teleportation symbol on the board. Whenever the bunny passes over a pot of gold, you win a prize, and the prizes get larger the closer the bunny gets to his home. The last type of space is the bunny skull space. If the bunny lands on one of these danger spaces, then he will meet an untimely death, ending the game. However, if the bunny gets to the jackpot, then you will win a maximum payout of 100,000 credits.

    Join Bunny Boiler and get the floppy eared bunny home!

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    Bunny Boiler Arcade (Microgaming) arcade (Microgaming)

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